Present your designs online without email attachments

MoreBlu lets you and others upload, present, archive & comment on both desktop and mobile designs.

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Mobile Magic

When your mobile designs are ready to go easily send your customers a scannable QR code or link. Like magic, Your designs appear in the intended context. No fuss, no confusion.

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MoreBlu’s Full Feature List

  • Vanishing Toolbar

    Our small toolbar disappears so your work is the only thing showing.

  • Mobile Magic

    Quickly view mobile design in context on its intended device. Try it!

  • To-Do Design Checklist

    Customer feedback is automatically turned into a simple to-do punch list.

  • Thumbnails + Loupe

    View collections as thumbnails and at 100% to scale with a handy magnifying glass.

  • Team Members

    Invite others to view and comment—their feedback automatically becomes a simple to-do list.

  • Comments & Region Notes

    Collect feedback directly on each design via the comment tray and region notes.

  • Smart Filenames

    Filenames auto-truncate so your comps arrive with friendly names.

  • Archive

    Preserve your inactive projects for reference (or revive them in the future).

  • Drag & Drop Upload

    Add multiple files at once by dragging directly to your browser.

  • Permissions

    You control view and edit permissions for your team members.

  • Full Scale

    Designs display 100% to scale.

  • Store related files (PSDs, logos, PDFs, etc.) with any collection.

  • Single-Click Advance

    Your previous and next slides are one click away.

  • Custom URL

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