Core Principle 8: don’t ignore the other 7 principles

Hard to believe that in the week we published MoreBlu’s 7 core principles, we (29th Drive) got burned by ignoring said principles. We did so by sending a web proposal to a potential customer IN A PDF! You read that correctly: we sent web comps by way of a PDF. Part one of the client’s two part feedback as to why we didn’t get the gig had to do with  usability concerns—specifically, that the text on our comps was too small and hard to read. Of course, we would never design a site with text so small. But because the layout width we chose to mock up the comps was so wide and because the customer viewed them in Acrobat at less than 100% scale, the text on the comps appeared tiny.

Why did we send a proposal in a PDF? Well, we’re actively putting final touches on MoreBlu for public launch and simultaneously switching existing clients to the MoreBlu presentation tool. It’s going to take some time to make it all happen, and the proposal deadline for this potential customer fell during that awkward baton hand-off. Enter 3 MoreBlu core principles which we ignored:

  • core principle#1: 100% to scale
  • core principle #3: In context
  • core principle#7: PNGs only
Had we presented the work at 100% scale, in context (a web browser) and as PNGs none of the readability issues would have surfaced, because they’re actually not issues. The problem was that we didn’t use the right tool to make it easy for our potential customer to see the great work we do. So, this week we lost some potential business, but gained an early lesson in listening to our own advice. Principles are important!

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