New Feature: Public Collections (no login required)

Public collections are technically part of our forthcoming MoreBlu v1.1 release, but we’ve already rolled the feature out so here’s the scoop:

  1. every collection is private by default
  2. you can mark any collection public
  3. a public collection can be accessed by anyone with a link to the collection
  4. a public collection can be marked private at anytime, at which point it requires a MoreBlu login with permission to access
Why would you want a public collection?
A public collection allows you to share designs without requiring others to login or create an account. For example, you may simply want to show your designs to a new customer without the hassle of the customer creating a MoreBlu account. Along the same lines, a customer may ask you to make a collection public so it can be easily passed around in email with their fellow employees.

Check it out for yourself:
Beware before you share a public collection
The only thing to consider is that anyone with a link can view the public collection.
We decided on a green dot as the icon for a public collection. You’ll never see the green dot unless you mark a collection public. Below you’ll see the hover state of the green dot where we show the “public collection” text.


As always, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. Have fun!

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