Team Members

Before there was a team, there was Kevin and an idea. In 2009 he called it Clientbits (and at one point Stackbinder) and it was the tool he used to present his work remotely to customers. In the past 12 months Kevin designed the initial UI for the app we now call MoreBlu, while Rich and Tommy wrote the code to take Clientbits from a static, manual tool to an interactive account-based web app.

In the meantime, the team working on MoreBlu has grown. The pattern has been something like this: trusted contractors help us get the ball rolling, then do baton handoffs of the initial dev and design work to full-time 29th Drive employees (a team that wasn’t in place until the baton was being handed off). Tommy & Rich just handed off the code to Josh (29th Drive’s first full-time developer!). Kevin Ellis stepped in for some early wireframe work with Daniel that landed with Vince, Levi and Alec (all 29D designers) for final design and UI. Nate is doing all the slice work that is now being handed off to Josh for implementation.

Speaking of team members, soon we’ll be using MoreBlu internally with existing customers (we’re calling this “private beta”). The ability to create team members will be a central part of the MoreBlu app. Once you invite someone as a team member, they’ll be able to comment on design work with region comments. Nothing revolutionary, but it’s central to how MoreBlu will work and we’ve spent a lot of time making that experience useful without too much feature clutter.

I’m big into using arrows to explain things. This drawing gives a high-level (if not strange) overview of how we arrived where we are today with the MoreBlu team.

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