MoreBlu’s 7 Core Principles

When we talk about MoreBlu internally, we often return to the following principles to help guide us along our way. If there’s a question about a feature or it’s priority, a scan of this list usually sets us on the right path. The list may grow, but for now here are MoreBlu’s 7 core principles:
  1. 100% to scale
  2. Single-click advance
  3. In context
  4. Page flow matters
  5. Central archive with unique URLs for each comp
  6. Your work and brand before ours
  7. PNGs only
1. 100% to scale
Designs should be presented 100% to scale. This allows customers to see and judge font size, navigation, graphics and images at their intended size.
2. Single-click advance
We put as few clicks as possible between you and your designs. When showing a collection to a customer, the previous and next comps are always one click away.
3. In context
Designs should be shown in context and on their intended device. Web comps should be viewed in a browser, mobile phone comps on an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, apps on the iPad, Kindle or intended device.
4. Page flow matters
Design is often about page flow. MoreBlu collections allow you to quickly rearrange your comps so your  customer can go with the page flow.
5. Central archive with unique URLs for each comp
MoreBlu provides an archive of all your comps grouped by Customer > Project > Collection > Slide. Every comp slide has a unique URL so you can easily send a specific comp to a customer or team member.
6. Your work and brand before ours
We’ve built MoreBlu so it stays out of the way. You can customize your domain so that customers see you  (example: The MoreBlu app is also transparent: just enough UI to allow you to present your work, and you’re able to hide the toolbar so your designs are center stage.
7. PNGs only
designers know that PNGs are the most visually accurate way to display design work. MoreBlu doesn’t allow PDFs, JPEGs or other file types. The PNG is king.

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  • January 13th, 2012 Kevin said:


    Thanks for putting this all to words. Nicely said!

  • January 14th, 2012 Daniel said:

    Happy to be the Editor In Chief 🙂

  • February 1st, 2012 Markus said:

    Very nice, thank you for putting this together.

  • March 29th, 2012 Create Value in Web Design and Mobile Design Presentations. | 29th Drive said:

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