Here we go!

MoreBlu has launched and we couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.

Here are a few things I’ve heard expressed while pushing MoreBlu out the door:

  • amazing that it happened given our day jobs, disparate locations, kids, yard remodels, etc.
  • now is the time—we’ve been talking about and working on MoreBlu for over a year
  • many friends and peers have helped along the way (Tommy, Rich, Nate, Alec, Vince, Levi, KevinE, etc.)
  • we have lots of refinements and features to release in the coming weeks and months
  • this is really just the beginning

If you’re new to MoreBlu, here are the elevator shoes: MoreBlu helps you make better design decisions by presenting designs in context (desktop or mobile), at full scale on a custom URL with a vanishing toolbar. Our Free account provides 1GB of storage with a 10 file daily upload limit. Our paid plans begin at $6/month, has 8GB storage and no upload limits. Go take it for a spin.

Here we go, yo.

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