Here we go …

It’s official—MoreBlu is now in private beta, which means we’re presenting our 29th Drive designs to a select few of our external customers. A few of the MoreBlu muscles which are actively being flexed:

  • we’re uploading design PNGs through the magic of drag ‘n drop bulk upload (gone are the days of uploading a single file at a time via a modal box)
  • customers are posting comments and placing region comments on individual design comps
  • 29th Drive designers are checking design requests off their simple to do lists
  • all designs are being shown in context and to scale (a core MoreBlu principle)
  • mobile design collections (e.g. iPhone, Android, Win7 apps) are being viewed on the intended device. Customers simply scan a QR code with their phone and the designs then appear on their phone in context and to scale!

We’re now actively gathering feedback from early users and plan to release MoreBlu to the public in the coming weeks. Sign up for the public beta and we’ll keep you posted.

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