We’re close to launching a private beta for MoreBlu, our design presentation app. Private beta, for us, means using MoreBlu internally with existing 29th Drive customers. But let me take a step back and explain how we got here …

Kevin ran Goldman Design for 15 years, first out of Seattle and within the last few years out of his hometown of Scottsdale. Always trying to improve the experience for his customers, Kevin developed a simple internal tool for presenting his design work in as “native” a format as possible. Meaning, in context and without the clutter of the actual presentation tool so the designs could be experienced as they would eventually be implemented. As the business expanded, Kevin was unable to find an existing online service that offered the same contextual presentation and archiving of designs that his customers loved about his internal tool. He also wanted a few more important features (but not too many), focusing on professional presentation of design work … and so began our efforts to release MoreBlu to the world of designers as a freemium web app.

If we and our customers relied so heavily on the internal MoreBlu tool, then surely there must be other designers that would benefit from an enhanced version of MoreBlu .

After a successful 20-year career in the music industry, Kevin’s brother Gregg (whose past enviable titles include Executive Vice President of Rhino Records and President, Frank Sinatra Enterprises) recently teamed up with Kevin to grow Goldman Design into a full-service design company called 29th Drive (a nod to the street where they grew up). Daniel and Kevin met in Seattle playing keys and bass in Maktub and have talked for years about working on another project together. Daniel’s work at Amazon with the Personalization & Automation team and as a co-founder of The Robot Co-op (makers of 43 Things, purchased by Amazon) was a perfect fit with Kevin & Gregg.

In the coming weeks we’ll launch MoreBlu internally for use with 29th Drive designers and customers. We hope to have the paid version of MoreBlu (along with a forever free plan) available to everyone by January. We’ll keep you posted …

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