Poll Positions—the results are in

We’ve been running this poll for many months asking designers how they present their work. The biggest take-away is that many designers still rely on email to present their designs. I’m not going to say this is horrible because people obviously get work done this way: comps get reviewed, ideas get swapped, things get done. However, there is a much better way.

MoreBlu’s 7 core principles stand in direct contrast to emailing PDFs, ZIP or PNG files to a customer for review. That’s because we believe that  Acrobat, Windows Picture Viewer, Mac Preview and any image loaded into any browser will display at less or more than 100% scale most of the time, and that viewing designs not-to-scale creates all sorts of problems. In fact, we likely lost a bid for this very reason.

In addition, dealing with a zip file or PDF attached to email can be a hunt-and-peck experience of 20+ clicks. Even Gmail search becomes cumbersome if asking a client to “.. find that one slight variation I made eight or ten months ago”. People don’t view web sites on printed paper or within Acrobat. They don’t use their iOS device on a cinema display. Image size, font size, readability and “fat finger” issues are best judged on the comp’s intended device.

We developed MoreBlu to make it easier for our customers to view the designs we create for them, and in the process we made our lives easier. One of the great things about MoreBlu is we’re launching with a “forever free” account so you can simply try it out and see if it works for you .


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