We are the 0% (and the 8%)

Kevin sent me this Jakob Neilsen post about browser chrome, which talks about chrome vs. content. That is, how an application or website’s chrome can sometimes eclipse the content it’s meant to feature. When we set out to build MoreBlu we tried out other services—some of which had chrome that took up to 35% of the screen real estate. Others were far less than that, but still way too much by our standards.

Presenting a comp using MoreBlu with the full toolbar in view, you’ll see 8% MoreBlu chrome and 92% your comp. However, you can minimize the full toolbar down to a the small toolbar (which disappears when you move the mouse away) leaving you with 0% us and 100% you and your work.

Here’s a couple screen grabs showing the full toolbar (8%) vs. small toolbar (0%) using my personal blog as a guinea pig design. It shows the small toolbar fading away to leave no chrome when presenting a design (the toolbar reappears when you mouse over it).



Here are MoreBlu’s 7 Core Principles—#6 is “Your work and brand before ours.”

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