We have a new toolbar

Today we launched a new toolbar.

Using the product daily with customers has taught us a lot, and we’ve built on that knowledge.

MoreBlu New Toolbar—June 2012 from Kevin Goldman on Vimeo.


    • Single-state—there is now one toolbar (up top) as opposed to two toolbar states (we used to have a big toolbar up top and a smaller vanishing toolbar)
    • Sitewide—the toolbar lives across the site
    • Active Breadcrumb—you can easily navigate between collections and customers via the active breadcrumb
    • New Icons—we have new icons for:
      • comments on/off
      • editing/reorder/deleting files
      • uploading files
      • thumbnails
      • pinning/hiding toolbar
      •  account settings & home
    • File Cloud—we realized the usefulness of the slide cloud and now show it all the time
    • Comment Count—a new icon for comments (that shows the number of comments) now appears next to a slide title when comments are made
    • 100% Your Design—you can hide the toolbar so your comp is the only thing showing


One drawback to the new launch is we’ve pushed a fix to region comments that affects only legacy comments (that is, comments you’ve placed on slides in the past). Those comments are now shifted to the left and you’ll need to manually move them to the right back to their correct placement. It’s a small pain in the butt—however, this change to comments cleans the code up and is future-proof. You’ll never have to move your comments again. Thanks for your help!

We’re really enjoying all the new functionality when collaborating with our customers and have more improvements on the way. Let us know what you think.

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